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Travel Checklist
When was the last time you forgot to bring something you need when travelling. We have complied a list of items as a guide for you to use when prepairing for a trip. It is intended as a sample guide to packing and should not be used as a complete packing guide.

For a PDF version click here

Pre Departure   Everyday Basics   Toiletries


  Mobile Phone   Comb/Brush
Visa   Raincoat/Umbrella/hats   Toothbrush/Toothpaste
Health Documentation   Camera/Lens/Memory Cards   Dental Floss
Travel Tickets   Video Camera   Dedorant
Frequent Flyer Cards / Numbers   Binoculars   Personal Soap
Emergency Numbers / Contacts   CD/DVD Player   Laundry Detergent
Medical Insurance Information   Movies   Sunscreen
Hotel Reservations   Phone Chargers/Current Converters   Makeup
Money / Bank Debit Cards   Travel Alarm   Mirror
Credit Cards   Reading Material   Manicure Items
Personal Identification   Travel Journal   Hair Care
Entertainment Reserversation   Pens/Pencils   Lipbalm
_______________________________   Games/Playing Cards   Razors/Shaving Cream
_______________________________   Hand Sanitizers   Skin Care Creams
_______________________________   Travel Neck Pillow   _______________________________
_______________________________   Eye Shade/Ear Plugs   _______________________________
_______________________________   Headphones   _______________________________
Tissues _______________________________
Travel Gear   Portable Door Locks   _______________________________
Luggage   Matches/Lighter   Home Checklist
Packing Accessories   Batteries    
Security Item (Lock, Luggage Tags)   Sewing Repair Kit   Stop Deliveries
Beach Bag   Eye Glass Repair Kit   Hold Mail
Document Organizer   Duct Tape   Arrange for Pet Care
_______________________________   Travel Iron/Steamer   Arrange for Plant Care
_______________________________   Zip-Lock Plastic Bags   Leave Itinerary with friend
_______________________________   _______________________________   Leave House Key with friend
_______________________________   _______________________________   Empty Refridgerator
_______________________________   _______________________________   Unplug Appliances
    _______________________________   Turn Down Thermostat
Health _______________________________ Turn Off Water/Heater
        Store Valuables In a Safe Place
Pain Reliever   Miscellaneous Items   _______________________________
Prescriptions   _______________________________
Cold Medicine   _______________________________   _______________________________
Contact Lens/Glasses   _______________________________   _______________________________
Diarrhea Medicine   _______________________________   _______________________________
Lazatives   _______________________________   _______________________________
Gravol   _______________________________   _______________________________
Insect Protection   _______________________________   _______________________________
Antibiotic Cream   _______________________________   _______________________________
Personal Hygiene Items   _______________________________   _______________________________

*This checklist is intended to a sample guide to packing only and should not be used as a complete packing guide.
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